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7 Jobs You Can Prepare for Online

Published: October 7, 2019

When you make the decision to train for a new career, you don’t want to waste time while earning your degree. After all, time is money. Thankfully, in the digital age you can now take programs and classes online from virtually anywhere you choose.

Whether you’re interested in switching career paths or are just getting a new career off the ground, here are 7 entry-level positions in important industries that you can prepare for online.


1) HR Assistant

With an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, you could qualify for a job as an assistant in the human resources department. In this kind of role, you’ll process paperwork like job applications and benefits packages. You’ll also distribute important information on pay, employee guidelines, and company events. You may need to schedule meetings and maintain the calendars of managers in the department. All of these duties allow you to shadow and learn from HR leaders and company executives.

2) Accounting Specialist

If you prefer to work with numbers and money, you may want to consider a role in accounting, which a bachelor’s degree can prepare you for. In this role, you would assist with bookkeeping and the preparation of bills and invoices. You would also answer client and employee questions regarding billing and the costs of goods and supplies. You might enter data and pull financial information for the company accountant. Accounting is critical to the proper function of any company.

3) Training Assistant

A training assistant will help create documents, presentations and other materials necessary for corporate training. You may assist with research or the creation of visuals for the training courses, and you’ll likely book the room and send out event announcements. This job is also a great start on the path to management roles since you’ll not only have the chance to learn from your superiors, but you’ll also become well-versed in corporate guidelines.

4) Medical Health and Service Administration Assistant

After you earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, you won’t be ready for an executive position. But as a medical health and service administrator assistant, you’ll handle contracts, contact insurance companies, answer phone calls and emails, manage executive calendars and process paperwork. You’ll learn the inner workings of healthcare administration. Where could all that experience lead?

5) Medical Records Technician

You could also work with patients’ medical records, a position that can be found in hospitals and other medical facilities. There, you’ll oversee the storage and maintenance of records and assist with keeping them updated.

6) IT Support Specialist

If you are interested in becoming an information technology manager, a great way to start is as an IT support specialist. In this role, you’ll be responsible for installing and updating software, troubleshooting tech issues and answering employee and client questions.

7) Systems Administrator

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems can also help you qualify for a job as a systems administrator. You’ll be responsible for the maintenance of your company’s systems and networks, as well as the hardware and software. You’ll help assess the needs of your company and implement new systems as needed.


No matter what your entry-level title is, the real start to your career can begin at Charter College. We offer online degrees and certificates in the areas of Business Administration, Health Care Administration, IT and Applied Technology. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form for more information.