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5 Tips for Building Financial Security

Published: September 8, 2014
It’s never too early to start planning for your future, especially when it comes to your finances. Here are 5 tips for building financial security that you get started on right now:
1) Invest in yourself. The best way to secure your future financial health is to invest in your most important asset: YOU! Take care of your personal health by eating right, getting proper exercise and sleep and avoiding risky behaviors. Then take care of your financial health. If you want to increase your earning potential, increase your education. Studies show that more education and job training result in higher salaries.* 
2) Don’t overspend. Living extravagantly now can negatively affect your finances for years to come. Make all your purchase decisions based on what you really need and can afford. Don’t copy your friends’ bad spending habits. Instead, find small ways to save money so you can treat yourself to special purchases or occasions. You’ll appreciate them even more!
3) Avoid credit card debt. Use credit cards only in emergencies or when you know you have the money to pay off the full amount by your due date. The late fees and interest charges which credit card companies charge can add up quickly. And even a single missed payment can adversely affect your credit score, making it more difficult and more expensive for you to borrow money when you really need it.
4) Work to pay off your students loans. Pay all your bills on time to build your good credit and avoid added charges, but pay extra attention to your student loans. Set up auto pay to ensure that you never miss a payment. And when extra money comes your way, consider applying it directly to your student loan principle. It will save you money and allow you to pay off your loans sooner.
5) Obey the rules. Nothing will drain your bank account more quickly and needlessly than silly fines, late fees and penalties. Whether it’s a late charge because you didn’t pay a bill on time or a parking fine, breaking the rules can cost you money. If you wouldn’t throw money in the trash, then don’t waste it on mistakes you could easily avoid.
If you want a better chance of securing your financial future, why not start with your education? Charter College offers programs in business, criminal justice, health care, hospitality, information technology, paralegal studies and more. Want to change your life? Start at Charter College!