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5 Steps to a New Career in Health Care

Published: June 10, 2015 | Updated: January 25, 2019

5 Steps to a New Career in Health Care

Can you imagine a career where you’d get to help people every single day? Health care is a multi-trillion dollar industry that offers lots of career opportunities for those who are looking for challenging, but rewarding work. Are you? Take these 5 steps to get started in a new career in health care:

1) Do some research. Before you can start on the path to any career, you’ll need to do some research. Think about the skills you already possess and explore all the occupations that might be a good match to who you are and where you want to go. Does the fast-paced work of an EMT sound right for you? Or would you like to work in a dental office? Explore all your possibilities!

2) Network now. Even before you set your sights on a specialty within the health care field, start to build your network. Make certain that every image you put out on social media is worthy of someone pursuing a professional career in the health care field. Create a LinkedIn profile and check out who you already know who may work in health care. Reach out to them and ask questions. Some may even be willing to be your mentor if you’re heading into a career that they’re really passionate about.

3) Get career training. Choose a program and a school that will provide you with hands-on career training taught by professionals from the field who really care about your success. Small class sizes will help you get lots of individual attention and flexible schedules with online and in-class instruction will help you fit training for your new career into your busy life.

4) Get some experience. Does your career training program offer externship opportunities? If not, find a way to observe and help out in your future career as soon as you can. Hospitals and health care facilities often welcome volunteers. In addition to doing some good for others, you’ll gain knowledge and experience. The more you’re exposed to all that a career in health care might offer, the more you’ll know whether it’s right for you!

5) Begin your job search. You’ve been networking from the start so you’ll know where to look when it’s time to bring your new skills into the workforce. As you begin your job search, expand your efforts by reaching out to your instructors, peers and anyone you know in the field. Let them know that you’ve got what it takes to succeed and you’re ready to show the world. Prepare a killer resume and focused cover letter. Use the career services available at your school and conduct online job searches. Attend career fairs and workshops. Participate in mock interviews and make sure you perform thorough research on any job and company before you go on an interview.

If you’re ready for a new career in health care, check out all that Charter College has to offer. We have programs in health care administration, nursing, dental and medical assisting, pharmacy technology, emergency medical technology and more. Are you ready to change your life? Start here.