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4 Ways Online Training Can Teach You About Real World Business

Published: September 5, 2017

Whether you work in IT, Business, Healthcare, or even retail, you probably understand how important technology is.  But did you know that the training you receive online could teach you lessons about the real world? Here’s how:

It’s digital. If you expect to succeed and excel in the modern business world, you need finely honed technical skills. Online training teaches you about the kinds of programs you’ll use in your career. For example, if you pursue an online degree in Computer Information Systems, you’ll naturally learn all about computers and how they operate. But if you train online to become a Medical Office Administrative Assistant, you’ll also learn about Computerized Billing and Coding. Computers are everywhere!

It’s not just about the actual programs you learn, though; it’s also how you learn online that can give you a competitive edge. The more familiar you are with technology, the more relevant your skills will be to the 21st century workplace. Don’t be a dinosaur! Learn online.

You’ll see real world examples. Whether you learn online or in a classroom, your instructor will provide you with the fundamentals of your profession, backed up by case studies. If you’re learning about leaderships and followership in a Business Program, what better way to get the point across than to pull examples from the business world?  Your teacher might demonstrate data driven decision making by showing what companies like Google and Microsoft have done to succeed. Or show you good and bad examples of managing personnel. How could you apply real business lessons on your own career path?

Online classmates come from all walks of life. There is a mistaken belief that online means impersonal. It doesn’t! In fact, since your coursemates could be from anywhere, you might develop friendships all over the country. You could be sitting in sunny LA, California, chatting online with a peer in Anchorage, Alaska. Pretty cool, huh? But there’s another reason online classrooms can help you in actual business rooms: they’re both diverse. Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever and the more comfortable you are with dealing with all kinds of people, the farther you’ll be able to take your career.

You’ll learn how to work independently. You really don’t have a choice with online learning; you need to be self-motivated and independent to succeed in an online program. But online programs can help you become even better at time management and task completion. After all, if you don’t focus, you will not do well. And being able to work on your own is valued in any company.

If you’d like to get online training for a new career, check out all the online offerings at Charter College. We have programs in Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, and more.