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4 Ways to Address Gaps on Your Resume

It can be panic-inducing. The idea of having to come up with explanations for a gaping hole or two on your resume. But even the experts agree, it’s not as big a deal as it once was.

”After the economy crashed in the 2008-2009 time frame, I rarely saw a resume that didn’t have a gap” Lisa Quast1

You can’t ignore resume gaps, but you can plan a strategy that makes them easier to acknowledge and explain to a hiring manager. Here are 4 ways to address gaps on your resume:


1)      Be honest. If your interview is tomorrow, you clearly don’t have time to fill in any of those gaps. So consider exactly what you did during your time away from work. Was it just really difficult to find a new position? Or maybe your family needed you? It’s okay to be upfront about some good reasons for time out of the workforce. Just remember to consider how it will be received. Don’t say it was more important to you to be with your kids than your career to a career woman. And definitely don’t say you did nothing in that time off.

2)      Be prepared. You may be nervous about speaking to a sparse resume, but you don’t want that to come across in an interview. Make a list of what you did during your work hiatus and be able to point to it as a learning experience, even if it wasn't work-related. Volunteer work, travel, education, and time with family are all good gap-fillers, but not if you can’t articulate them. Practice what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Consider participating in a mock interview with a friend.

3)      Own it. Preparation will help you really look at your life experiences and be confident that even if there may be employment gaps, they don’t diminish your value. Be confident and sure of yourself and your answers. You deserve a great career, don’t you?

4)      Fill in the blanks. You’re on the job hunt, which is definitely a job in itself. But what can you do while you look for a new job to beef up your resume? Take a course, enroll in a career program, or consider an advanced degree. Single courses and short programs can give you the best answer to a gap in your resume: I continued my education!


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