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4 Important Skills You'll Learn in an A.A.S. Business Program

Whether you’ve already begun your business career or are looking for entry-level work in the field, an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration can demonstrate that you’re ready to get serious about your career. You’ll also learn valuable skills in the program that you take immediately into the workplace.

Here are 4 important skills you’ll learn in an A.A.S. Business degree completion program like the one at Charter College to help you prepare for career success.


1. How to Train, Manage and Evaluate Employees

Being able to effectively and comfortably manage personnel can be a challenge—if you don’t learn the skills to do it well. That’s why it’s so helpful that a key part of your A.A.S. Business Degree training will prepare you to do exactly that! As a manager or administrator, you’ll need to know the best practices for how to train employees so that they have the best chance of success at your organization. To be a good leader, you will also need to be able to motivate and recognize employees with positive feedback, while also sometimes having to have tough conversations to point out areas for improvement. Whether you’re the manager at a store or in an office, good personnel management skills are critical.

2. Strong Oral and Written Communication

When you take on an administrative role, you’ll need to communicate well with a lot of different people. You’ll need to give clear feedback, directions, and other information to employees so that they can do their job well. You will also need to communicate with supervisors and may be the go-between between your direct reports and your bosses. You will also have to connect with vendors, customers, and other members of the public. A good associate degree program will prepare you for these responsibilities and teach you how to professionally share necessary information with the people who need it.

3. Good Customer Service Management

Once you’re in a manager’s role, you might see customers regularly, or only be called in when an employee needs help. When do employees ask managers for help with customers? Usually when there’s a problem, and sometimes once the customer isn’t very happy about something. This is one of the ways great customer service skills on your part will be helpful. Your degree program will teach you how to diffuse challenging situations with customers for the best chance of turning them into happy customers. It’ll also teach you what good customer service should look like in any situation.

4. Business Ethics

The study of business ethics is one of the most important areas you’ll cover in your business associate degree program. You will learn the basics of business laws and regulations and what you’re legally allowed to do in different situations. You’ll be introduced to some ethical challenges businesses face and learn how to address them. If you practice strong ethics, it can help guide you through your career, and help the company and your team maintain integrity.


If you want to grow in your business career or make a change, contact Charter College today to learn more about how our A.A.S. degree completion business program can prepare you for your future.