Helicopter Pilot Training
Helicopter Pilot Training

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3 Interesting Jobs You Could Have as a Helicopter Pilot

How can you not think that being a helicopter pilot would be a pretty cool career? After all, you’d be way above the traffic on the Highway 5 or Route 101 instead of stuck in the middle of it. But an easy commute is hardly the only benefit of a career as a helicopter pilot. Check out these interesting jobs you could have as a helicopter pilot. Are any of them right for you?

Search and rescue: You’ve seen them in movies and on television: able helicopter pilots maneuvering their choppers just right to catch the precariously positioned accident victim or locate that lost hiker. Search and rescue pilots are ready at a moment’s notice to put their own lives in danger to save the lives of others. They use their skills and training to rescue victims of natural disasters and those that are manmade. Whether you’re spotting someone in distress from up on high or scooping in to transport them to safety, you need to be able and willing—and have the right vehicle to make it happen.

Firefighting: Helicopters equipped with specially constructed fire buckets enable you to deliver water or fire retardant directly onto raging infernos. Whether you use your state of the art copter and equipment to fight forest fires, or battle blazes on top of skyscrapers, your skills behind the controls could be invaluable to save lives and property.

Flightseeing: Far from the adrenaline rush of disaster flight are the private tours taken by tourists dipping into canyons or buzzing by waterfalls. As a helicopter pilot, you could get up-close to incredible sights that few get to experience first-hand. Imagine hovering over the Colorado River just feet from the walls of the mighty Grand Canyon. Or drifting far from human settlements over Alaska’s Columbia Glacier. Or giving tours to tourists craving a bird’s eye view of sprawling city lights, tall buildings, bridges, and roadways.

Helicopter pilots have lots of options but they also need lots of training and experience. Logging sufficient flight hours is the only way you’ll find plumb assignments and positions. But it all starts with training. Check out the aviation programs available at Charter College and our flight partners. Could we help you start out on the path to the career of your dreams?