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Aviation Careers

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3 of the Coolest Jobs in Aviation

If you’ve been bitten by the bug of flying, there’s likely no place you’d rather be than soaring the blue skies. It’s rewarding, challenging, exhilarating. It can be as peaceful as the heavens or a rocking roller coaster ride through some tumbling turbulence. Aviation is a cool profession. And here are 3 of the coolest jobs in aviation:

Search and Rescue: You’ve seen the news clips a hundred times. Someone gets plucked from the grips of death and flown to an area hospital. Sometimes it’s an auto accident that snarls traffic for hours. The only way in or out is by air. Rescue helicopter pilots land as close to the accident scene as possible and fly the victims to help and safety. Other times pilots scour mountains, forest and seas and swoop in to save people lost in perilous circumstances. If you worked in Search and Rescue, you’d need to be passionate, dedicated and ready to act—and fly—at a moment’s notice.

Aerial Fire Fighter: The summer of 2015 saw some of the most devastating wildfires in U.S. history. More than 8 million acres burned, along with houses and buildings. If it weren’t for the valiant efforts of firefighting pilots, those numbers could have been even worse. As an aerial fire fighter, you would bomb fires with retardant or water dropped from your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter. You would work long and hard hours to save humans, wildlife, forests and property.

Aerial Tour Pilot: Imagine soaring in a helicopter through Grand Canyon or traversing among the fjords and glaciers of Alaska. Or flying above the cities with people and traffic appearing as specks in the distance. As a tour pilot you’d get a view like no other of fascinating sights and scenery. In addition to piloting the aircraft, you’d serve as knowledgeable guide to tourists and explorers. You’d share in the excitement of your passengers, while they share in your passion for flight.

Have you ever considered becoming a pilot? You’ll need to be passionate, dedicated and determined. If you have what it takes, let us help you reach your dream. The Charter College Aviation Program can prepare you for your first flight and provide you with training, experience and preparation to begin a career as a pilot.