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10 Ways to Earn Extra Money This Summer

Published: July 11, 2019

It happens every year. You want to have some fun in the sun, but it comes at a cost. If you need a few extra bucks this summer, now’s the time to plan ways to bring in some extra cash.

Here are 10 ways you can earn extra money this summer:


1)  Do Yard Work

The side gigs you may have depended upon as a kid can actually work even when you’re an adult. Mowing lawns and doing yard work is great exercise and gives you plenty of time to catch some rays and Vitamin D. It also takes the tasks away from people who might not be able—or want to—do the work themselves. Senior citizens, people with physical disabilities, or people who can afford the luxury of hired help, can hire you. Go old school and put up signs in targeted neighborhoods or get on social media and advertise what you can do in an outdoor marketplace.


2)  Babysit

If you already care for your own kids during the summer, what’s one more? Even if you don’t have children of your own, babysitters and nannies are often in high demand in the summer. Especially if you’re available during the day, this can be well-paying, part-time work. Spread the word to family and friends and through social media. Make sure to highlight if you have any special skills or certifications such as babysitting courses or CPR.


3)  Pet Sit/House Sit

The family pet isn’t always welcome on the family vacation. Get on social media and find out who’s needs a trustworthy helper to watch their pets. You can advertise your services there, or just reach out to friends and neighbors. Those same families might also want someone watering plants and looking after their home. Imagine living at someone’s beautiful home for a week and getting paid for it?


4)  Delivery Services

If you have a vehicle and a good driving record, there are a growing number of companies you could work delivering meals, groceries, and packages. Research online to find restaurants and grocery stores in your area. What’s great about these positions for the summer is that they can often be done at off-hours. Maybe after you put the kids to bed, you deliver pizza for a few hours. Or help out with morning deliveries for a local grocery chain before everyone gets up and at ‘em in the AM. You can also check out sites like Doordash, Grubhub and Uber Eats. And for more general store deliveries, sites like InstaCart and Shipt can connect you with part-time work that fits your schedule. For package delivery, there’s Amazon Flex by auto, or even by bicycle through a site like Doorman.

5)  Drive People

If you’ve ever used the service of an Uber or Lyft, you already get the idea. Drivers use the company apps to pick up passengers and deliver them to their destinations. In this capacity, you set your own schedule, drive when and where you want, and decide how much you want to earn.


6)  Walk Dogs

If you love dogs and being active, you might enjoy a summertime stroll as a dog walker. To help dog owners give their pets the exercise they need, offer your services in your neighborhood. But there are also apps like Care.com and Rover that allow you to post your services and apply for jobs.

7)  Sell Your Stuff

It’s not just what you do that can earn you money. It’s also what you have. Clear out the clutter from your home and make some money! Host a garage sale. You may even want to talk to neighbors to create a communitywide sale, which is sure to draw more shoppers. Contact your city or town officials to find out if you need a permit, then get to cleaning and selling.

But you don’t just have to rely on passersby. Check out local consignment shops—they love furnishings, clothing, and accessories. You can also sell your stuff online through community Facebook pages and an array of sites that match buyers and sellers like Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Amazon. A bonus to this way of selling is that you can sell a few items at a time, in case you are too busy to orchestrate a full-blown sale with every item you don’t want at one time.

8) Sell Crafts

If you’re crafty or have a knack for making homemade products, summer could be the perfect time to sell your wares. Craft fairs, and farmers’ and flea markets offer ample opportunity to get paid for what you love to do. Do your research so you know where to go and how to price your products and then get out there and sell.


9)  Give Lessons

With all that crafting you do, is it something you can teach? Maybe you have a knack for a sport or a musical instrument or scrapbooking. Whatever you’re really good at, you might be able to teach others. Set your own hours and rates and advertise just what you’ll do. Be sure to include what you provide for the price and advertise to family, friends, neighborhood groups, and again, online.


10)  Do Odd Jobs 

You can help people who are too busy or unable to tackle some of the tasks on their to-do lists. Pay attention online to people looking for a bit of help. They might need a hand with a big cleanup or running errands or tidying up a home before a big event. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity that you can turn into cash.


Extra money you earn over the summer can take the edge off everyday bills and give you some cash to splurge a bit. At Charter College, we’re always thinking about ways to save and invest wisely. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, check out all the career training programs we offer. We have campuses across five states and online. Contact us today to learn more.