How to Get an MBA

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Could I Really Afford an MBA?

Before you make a big investment in a big degree, make sure you have all the facts. Check out what to look for in your Master’s in Business Administration degree program. Then consider how you will finance that advanced degree.

Tuition for MBA programs can be really expensive. And many people quit their jobs to pursue their degree fulltime. So they have the expense of their MBA program at the same time they’ve lost a steady income. Once you add in living expenses, transportation to campus, and other incidental costs, it’s easy to understand why you need to consider all your options before starting your MBA program. But there are ways to earn while you learn, save money, and still attain your MBA.

Choose a quality program you can actually afford.  There are so many MBA program options today that making a decision can be overwhelming. First, make certain the program is going to teach you what businesses will expect you to know like:

·         Business principles and practices

·         Organizational behavior

·         Leadership theory and practice

·         Accounting basics and financial planning

·         Human Resource development and management

·         Business IT and infrastructure

·         Marketing strategies

Compare tuitions. Once you find a few programs that offer a comprehensive curriculum taught by well-qualified and caring instructors, look at the cost of each program. It’s important to understand where you start—what credits they’ll accept from your undergraduate degree—and how quickly you’ll be able get to the end.  At Charter College, with existing credits, you could earn your MBA in as little as nine months. And at a price that’s more affordable than similar MBA programs.

·         $10,976 Charter College1

·         $13,000 Western Governor’s  University2

·         $28,620 University of Phoenix3  

Go online. If you want a program that you can fit into your life, WITHOUT giving up the job you currently hold, pursue your degree through an online program. You can learn the same content you would on campus in a format that’s mobile and convenient. You won’t have to stop working, and you won’t have to commute to campus.

Cut back on your expenses. Your education is an investment that can last a lifetime. Isn’t it worth a little sacrifice now? Check out our 50 money saving tips to discover small ways to save big for that big investment.

If you’re interested in pursuing an MBA degree, request info now from Charter College. We’ll answer all your questions and help you decide if it’s the right move for you.